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“I had the privilege to work with Cynthia at Sheena’s Place, the charitable organization having recruited her from British Columbia for her wealth of knowledge, broad experience, and respected reputation in the field of eating disorders.

In her role as Clinical Director for Sheena’s Place, Cynthia was responsible for overseeing and developing all clinical program activities; developing and implementing a university and college pilot project to train counsellors to run on-campus eating disorder support groups; increasing public awareness of eating disorders through speaking engagements, special events and the media; and designing and facilitating support groups for adults struggling with eating disorders and for mothers of children with eating disorders.

It was a great pleasure to work alongside Cynthia on the senior management team. She proved to be a thoughtful and ethical leader and team player, as well as an effective and compassionate manager to the interdisciplinary staff, group facilitators, and graduate and undergraduate student interns. Cynthia was also well-regarded as a skilled and empathetic clinician.

Cynthia was not only a strong asset to our team, but also implemented key initiatives and policies at Sheena’s Place to ensure best practices in supporting affected individuals and their families and friends.

Another one of Cynthia’s fundamental attributes is dedication. Dedication arises from compassionate commitment, and Cynthia has the integrity to give of herself to those with whom she works.”

– Vivian Curl, Executive Director, Durham Community Foundation
[Former] Director of Development, Sheena’s Place, Toronto

“Cynthia Johnston was a counsellor and an asset in the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC), Ryerson University. She brought her years of experience and an intellectual rigour to her work with students and the CSDC team. Her clinical work was based on a cohesive and nuanced understanding of theory and practice.         

Ms. Johnston provided her much needed expertise in Eating Disorders to the Centre for Student Development and Counselling and community agencies that support people with disordered eating.

Dedicated to students, Ms. Johnston is an energetic and capable professional who has an appreciation of individuals’ needs and a sense and facility with broader factors and systems.”

– Su-Ting Teo, MD,
Director, Student Health and Wellness
Ryerson University

“I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Cynthia at the Fraser South Eating Disorders Program. Cynthia worked in both the Child and Youth and Adult components of the Eating Disorders Program in a number of capacities including acting coordinator, individual therapist, group facilitator and intake clinician.

Cynthia excelled in all these areas and I believe this to be true of any endeavour she pursues. Always a professional, Cynthia is perhaps one of the most responsible and ethical people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Cynthia is an outstanding therapist and clinician. Cynthia is also very aware of social issues and has integrated that awareness into all her work.

Cynthia Johnston was a real asset to the Fraser South Eating Disorders Program. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”     

– Anne Merrett-hiley, Coordinator
Vancouver Coastal Health Eating Disorder Program

“Cynthia is an experienced and respected colleague who has excelled in her competency in working within an interdisciplinary team with a client population who are largely street-entrenched, multi-diagnosed, and who can present with many relational and behavioural challenges.”

– Sabine Silverberg, MA, CAGS, PhD
[Former] Counselling Department Coordinator (Acting)
Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

“Cynthia has an unusual blending of visionary and operational skills. She created the Resource Centre with vigor and a low budget and, in the process, developed province-wide awareness both in the community and among professionals as to the ways in which the Centre could support them. She evolved the unique Eating Disorders Awareness Week and, at the same time, wrote a vast array of essential materials and built a library of significant references.

Within the hospital, Cynthia had enjoyed excellent relations with patients, staff and administrators. In the community, she enjoyed a high profile as a sensitive and thoughtful leader. She made the needs of her Centre clear to government and, in the process, earned their respect.

Cynthia managed her own staff with a guiding hand and an easy touch. She successfully worked to augment the growth of all health professionals in the area of Eating Disorders. And finally, Cynthia became an able fundraiser for the Centre, such that it was able to function with an appropriate budget.

Cynthia is a very bright and capable individual who has earned the respect of all who have worked with her. She has peerless integrity, and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

– Stephen A. Kline, M.D., M.H.A., FRCPC
[Former] Psychiatrist-in-Chief
Providence/Vancouver Mental Health
University of British Columbia