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“You are amazing and I am so grateful! I really appreciate all you have done to help me in the recovery process! I have come a long way and you have helped me immensely. I also really appreciate all the extra effort that was put into make it possible. Thank you so much”  – Magdalene

“I really want to express just how much you have helped me with my eating disorder and how much I appreciate you and everything you have done for me. In turn, you helped my marriage, and I will be forever grateful for that.” – Ross

“When I came to see Cynthia, I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and eating issues. I worked with her weekly over a period of several months. With Cynthia, I really felt that I was in a partnership working towards my well-being. She wanted me to succeed, and helped me discover more beneficial ways of dealing with my stress. She also helped me to recognize my skewed thoughts and negative assumptions, and redirected me toward a more rational and forgiving view of myself. She is welcoming, fair, and willing to point out when you are not working enough! Truthfully, she is the best counsellor I have ever had.” – Kathlene

“We are very grateful for the good work you are doing with our daughter. She has shared with us that you are the most pro-active and thorough counsellor she has ever met with.” – Margo 

“I want to let you know how much you helped me during our time together. When I first came to you I was at a really low point. I was ready to get my mental health back on track and understand why I was using my disordered eating as a way to cope. The regular check-ins and guidance I got from you each week helped me focus on making my wellbeing a priority and taking the steps to improve my relationship with food. I honestly feel that I’ve recovered from those disordered eating behaviours. And I’m so much more cognizant of when I need to be more diligent in my self-care and using positive coping methods. That being said, I’m sure that I’ll be reaching out to you again at times in the future.” – Emily

“Our daughter e-mailed her mother and me last night that this is the best she has been feeling in two years, which is extremely encouraging! Thank you for your efforts – I am sure that the counselling has been hugely important.” – Dave

“Cynthia, thanks for helping me get back on track. You are awesome!” – Sharon

“Thank you for meeting with me over the past months. You allowed me to open up for the very first time in my life and to use my resources. I have become a completely different person and a lot of my progress was instigated by you. Your honesty and dedication to your clients is something I really appreciate.” – Andrea

“Cynthia was my group facilitator at Sheena’s Place for Eating Disorders. One of the best things about her group approach is how she challenged us to identify our underlying issues and to develop coping strategies for them, rather than continue to dwell on the disordered eating. Such a push wasn’t always present in other groups that I attended, and thus I kept coming back to hers. I’ve continued to use the skills that were inculcated in her groups to not only continue to progress in my recovery, but I think to grow stronger as a woman in general.” – Liz

“I had the good fortune of attending a support group facilitated by Cynthia. Lots of insights, tears and laughter. Breaking into the isolation of the private world of disordered eating. Pulling back the curtains, opening the doors and letting some light stream in. Breathing fresh air in, and venturing out. Daring to receive new kinds of nourishment. Joining humanity. Real, open, welcoming, educational and supportive. The place and space to come exactly as you are. Thank you, Cynthia.” – Tricia